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Thursday, September 10, 2009

The story of one wedding...Part 2

My English Webmarks: The story of one wedding...Part 2
Roman and Irina
Part 1

In Russia we have two types of weddings: a civil wedding and a church wedding. A civil wedding is required. A church wedding is additional ceremony. It is not a necessity. A civil wedding ceremony usually takes place in civilian registrar's office. The central civilian registrar's office in our city is called “the Palace of Marriage”.

So…we are in the Palace of Marriage. Roman and Irina are already here. There are a lot of their friends and relatives in the ceremonial hall. It’s time. The musicians play the Mandelson's march. Our groom and bride come into the ceremonial hall. It is simple and traditional ceremony. Roman and Irina make marriage vows to each other, declare their marriage by the giving of rings, and sign the certificate of marriage. Then witnesses (maid of honor and best man) sign the certificate too. Civilian registrar proclaims that they are husband and wife!

Friends and relatives congratulate newly wedded and give bunches of flowers. Everybody drinks Champaign!

It is only 12 o’clock. Wedding procession goes around the city and visits different places. The place where Roman and Irina met, where they had their first kiss, where he made his proposal. We also visit a different city sights. Everybody has fun, takes a photograph and video of the event and drinks Champaign!

…to be continued…

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