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Friday, September 11, 2009

T.G.I.F.: Is wedding evolution of dance a new wedding tradition in the USA?

First time I saw “The evolutions of dance” several weeks ago at YouTube. I saw the original of this dance. Actually, it is the show of popular American comedian and dancer Judson Laipply. Evolution of Dance is the finale to Laipply's show called "Inspirational Comedy".

And I saw a lot of variations of Evolution of Dance later. Most of them were danced by grooms and brides! Why is this dance so popular among newly wedded?

The answer is simple: the book “The Best Wedding Reception Ever!” written by Peter Merry. The author offers to use “The evolutions of dance” as part of wedding show!

And I offer you watch on of the best and funniest wedding evolution of dance!

Is “The evolutions of dance” a new wedding tradition in the USA?

2 коммент.:

  1. Now In Japan, wedding is rather westernized. Young people prefer
    western style wedding than traditional style one.
    We had a traditional style wedding. Because my wife had wanted to wear
    Kimono at the wedding ceremony. Also I wore "Haori" & "Hakama" (they
    are formal dress of Japanese style for men).

    Usually in Japan, we have a wedding ceremony with family and relatives
    at first, then wedding party with also coworkers and friends.
    At traditional style wedding ceremony, bride wear "Shiromuku" (kimono
    for bride). And she wear a kind of hat called "Tsunokakushi" (that
    means "Hiding horns"). It covers almost bride's face, so people can't
    see her face well.
    At wedding party, bride changes her dress twice or three times. My
    wife wore gorgeous kimono and pink dress.
    To be continued...

  2. Thank you, Toshiharu for great comment! Can I use it for my next post "Wedding traditions in your country?"