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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Luke's English Podcast - a great way for learning British English!

Luke's English Podcast - a great way for learning British English!
I am still learning English and I listened to very interesting podcast recently. It was the batch of London video interviews. I know it sounds strange “listen to the video”, but it was special version of podcast for people who like to just focus on listening.

In these interviews usual citizens of London talked about things they like and dislike in London. So I think it is a great material for British English lovers!
The author of London video interviews is Luke - an English teacher in West London. Luke has been teaching for about 8 years.

At Luke's English Podcast’s home page you can find video version of interview, audio version, transcription and a lot of interesting and useful English podcasts! A really good way to listen and improve your English.
Here is a little promo about London video interviews:

And this is one of the lessons from Luke - 16 Ways To Say "I LIKE IT"

Did you like it? You can find more at Luke's English Podcast!

Good luck in learning English!

Anna Volkova

8 коммент.:

  1. Hi, Anna!

    I study English too and I read your blog sometimes.

    I think you have made an error in the first sentence... I think it must be "and I HAVE listened", Present Perfect.

    But, I'm not shure. What do you think about it?

  2. Hello Miro! Nice to meet you!

    Do you know what? I don't know! May be you are right. Unfortunately I am very bad at grammar:(

  3. Hello, this is Luke from Luke's English Podcast.

    Hi! I couldn't help noticing the little grammar conversation between you and Miro.
    Miro said you should have used present perfect there, instead of past simple.
    I reckon you can use the past simple there, but present perfect sounds better because you also said 'recently' and the two go together.

    Thanks for the nice report on my podcast. Keep listening!

  4. Thank YOU Luke for your great podcast!

  5. Thanks for sharing this piece of information. It is really useful.

  6. I visited Lukes site and I cannot finf pdfs for his podcasts, I need transcrpipts, without it it inst useful, I know that there are pdfs but I cant find answer me on, thanks...

  7. Hi Steven,

    First of all, transcripts on my page are not in .pdf format. They're just written as blog posts on
    Secondly, not every episode has a transcript, but a lot of them do. Some don't have a full transcript but have transcribed parts. Others have vocabulary notes and definitions.

    I know the importance of transcripts, but my approach to recording podcasts is to make them authentic and natural and that means that I don't transcribe what I say before I record. I keep my speech impulsive and not pre-written. That should make it a more natural reflection of real spoken English. The idea is to listen to natural English rather than read it.

    However, I know how useful it is to read the words you're listening, to help learn. So, I do make effort to transcribe episodes after I have recorded them, but this is incredible time consuming and since I am doing this for free I just don't think it is worth spending all my free time doing it.

    Would you be willing to buy transcripts from my site, for about 1 Euro per script? If people paid a little money I would probably take time to transcribe everything I've ever said. It could even become a worthwhile money making exercise for me, and you'd get your transcripts for learning.

    Tell me what you think...

    Luke Thompson