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Sunday, June 14, 2009

ELLLO: English Language Listening Lab Online!

English Language Listening Lab Online!
It is one of my all time favorite web-site for listening practice! You should visit this one! It's got nearly 1,000 listening activities with transcript and interactive quiz!

Here you can find:

Interviews : natural conversations with various speakers of English from all over the world! People talk about their countries and particular qualities of their life, about their culture and things they like and dislike, about traditions, environmental problems and many other things. You can learn much that is new!

Mixer: listening activity that features six speakers. Each speaker answers the same question. You can listen to the answers for fun or test your listening comprehension by answering the questions.

Video responses: short video clips that relate to the audio from the main listening activities. Each response has the transcript of the video response and a simple quiz to test listening compression. Watch videos of people discussing questions about the interviews!

Listening Games: in these games you should listen the audio and choose the picture that is right for the audio. There is very little reading. The listening games are designed for beginning students.

STeP stands for Standadized Test Practice. These English listening activities are designed to help you prepare for Standardizes Tests of English and become accustomed to exercises used to test listening and reading comprehension on TOEFL®, TOEIC® and IELTS®.

News Center: an animated newscast with six stories. Practice Academic English with short newscasts! Good for beginner and intermediate levels.

Talking Points: activities that help you with test taking skills and academic English. Each listening activity is a mini-lecture or presentation divided into six sections. Listen to mini lectures. Perfect for Academic English practice!

Songs: it is my favorite part! It is a great way to learn English. Below are some great songs by independent artists. As you listen, the words are displayed on the screen so you can sing. You can catch the lyrics as well as work on grammar, pronunciation, reading speed, reading by chunks and common slang and idioms.

ELLLO is the work of Todd Beuckens. Todd is a full-time English teacher based in Japan. He now teaches in Kyuushuu. He creates elllo in his free time! It is amazing!

You also can subscribe ELLLO podcasts: free ESL/EFL podcasts with interviews, slideshows, audio notes , and original songs so you can keep practicing your English even when you are away from your computer.

And, of course, you should visit ELLLO blog - ELLLO-ology!

So…enjoy ELLLO!

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6 коммент.:

  1. Hi Anna!
    you have a wonderful blog... and ELLLO is a useful blog too.. i will try it more

  2. Thank you, Arash! During the next week I plan to tell about five great resources for increasing English vocabulary. Don't miss it:)

  3. Anna, thank you very, very much for sharing! I like this site. Great resource. I start learning to understend English by listening.

    Good luck.

  4. Hi, Anna! Your blog is really cool, thanks a lot for your tips, soon enough I'll be testing some of them.

    keep the good work.

  5. Marina, I also wish you good luck in improving your English!

  6. Flavio, I hope you'll find something interesting and useful for you:)