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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mania for learning English!

Yesterday I found the video “Jay Walker on the world's English mania” witch I think will be interesting for you. Last time we talked about the reasons for learning English. And from this video you’ll get to know another reason.

By the way, Jay Walker is fascinated by intellectual property in all its forms. His firm, Walker Digital, created Priceline and many other businesses that reframe old problems with new IT. Read here why you should listen to him.

In my humble opinion the idea of this video is very arguably. So watch the program, write what you think about it.

Addition: I just found transcriprion for this video at ELLLO-ology blog! If you don't understand video by your ear, go and read it!

Don't forget leave a comment! Then more you write then better you write!

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6 коммент.:

  1. Nice video! Really interesting. Thank you!

  2. My wife learn English. She is learning English always. From the morning until the evening. I think that she is a spy sometimes :)

    P.S: "WELCOME" is correct

  3. You are rihgt:) Such a stupid mistake!

  4. I am not good at English such as speaking and listening. The worst part is writing.

    I think you are talented in writing. I'm so jealous.

  5. In my humble opinion my writing could be better. But I try to improving. And I started this blog to improve my writing skills and help another people in their english learning process. Don't be jealous:) Just write something in english every day, for example comments on my posts:)