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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Why are you learning English?

English dictionary
I heard on the radio this morning: nearly 700 000 000 people around the world learn English! It is absolutely amazing! And I began to think. Why? Why are these people learning English? Why are you learning English? Why am I learning English?

So, here they are:

My 5 reasons for learning English language:

First and foremost: I am microstocker. I draw vector images in Adobe Illustrator and sell them through the Internet with the help of microstock agencies. For example: my portfolio on Shutterstock. People all over the world can buy my images using this site. It is my way to earn money. But the problem is: most of microstocks located in the USA and, of course, they use English language for communication with customers and contributors. I have to describe all my images in English words. The conclusion is: no English knowledge – no money.

The second reason is: great part of my life I spend in the Internet. Nearly 75% of Internet resource is in English! We live in the epoch of scientific discoveries. But it is commonly encountered problem to find wanted information in the .ru zone. But with English help I can be well informed by reading web-pages and listening public media from all over the world!

The third reason is communication. Nearly 700 000 000 people around the world learn English! Plus 1 000 000 000 people already use English! It is seems like English becomes a global language! If I can speak English, almost everyone in the world can understand me. And I’ll never get lost in foreign country. So I’ll can travel more easily there and everywhere!

My fourth reason is: I really like reading. What could be better than reading my favorite English and Americans authors in the original? O. Henry, Mark Twain, Earnest Hemingway, Jack London, Jerome Salinger, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, William Shakespeare! I understood something: the books’ translation and books’ original are not the same. The translators are not writers. They can reproduce words’ meaning but not beauty.

And last but not least: learning English is my hobby and I really like it!

What about you? What are your reasons for learning English? Practice your English writing skills – leave a comment!

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P.S. I have to remind you I am also only on my way for learning English. And so I hope you forgive me all my writing mistakes.

12 коммент.:

  1. hi, I learn for the same reasons (except the first :) ). English is a beautiful language for me, But I'm not as talented as you. continuous learning is the best way to succed so continues! Sorry if i make mistakes, i hope you understand me.

  2. Of course, I understand you! Do not worry about mistakes. You'll write without them. It is a matter of time and practice. And thank you for your kind words:)

  3. Hi . I am leaning English because I need it at my work . also I need it to connect the company if i want to make money .
    rely it is very important to learn English especially this tame .
    my dream to speak and write English well
    Best wishes

  4. I also wish you good luck in learning English!

  5. Ya dont now, how speak inglish. halp me!!

  6. Katya,it was hilarious:))))You are very nice!

  7. i originally began learning English to be an interpreter. For i wanted to be involved in British music world, but i know i had no talent of playing instruments. so i was going to get into music world as an interpreter. Now i work without English, but i love English and the cultures spreaded by English.

  8. Thank you for comment:) Your reasons are very worthy of respect

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  10. I think English make the more important role in the world that is the best way of communication of the world...

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  11. Fantastic art of explaining yourself.English still has a bright future .It is the very medium of communication globally...I cann't agree with you more...Expatriate

  12. I agree to you and also want to add that it is a wonderful language. If you think you have mastered it at one moment, the other moment comes up with another surprise for a new area of learning it further.