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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The story of one wedding...

Roman and Irina

We are in Russia. It is early morning. The groomsmen draw to the groom’s house. They help him to decorate cars with flowers and color ribbons. The groom’s name is Roman. He is my cousin. Roman feels nervous. He is sleepy. He can’t sleep this night. But he is really happy. He is getting married today! And his bride seems to be the best girl in whole world for him :)

At that time in bride’s house bridesmaids help our bride with wearing her big white wedding dress. The hairdresser helps them with the wedding hair style. The visagiste helps with make up. The bride’s name is Irina.

Two hours later. The groom with groomsmen, parents and several guests draw to the bride’s house. It is time for ceremony of “ransom”. The groom has to pass the several tests to get his lovely bride. He has to know all answers for all questions: her shoes size, her eyes color, the date of their first meeting, her mother’s age, etceteras. He has to find her lips on photo among a lot of other lips and devise a hundred compliments for his beautiful bride!

At last all tests are passed and our groom can get his bride. But who is it? It is not his lovely Irina! It is a false bride! But where is Irina? To find out that Roman has to pass final test: to serenade or pay a big amount of money!

Irina hears Roman’s voice and run out of other room. They are together now!

Nevertheless, they have to go to Palace of Marriage in different cars. The groom is in a car with groomsmen. The bride is in a car with bridesmaids…

…to be continued…

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