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Monday, July 13, 2009

New rubric: Interview with English learners!

Hello everyone! I guess we, English learners, have to communicate and help each other in our studying process, share interesting links, useful tips and other things.

It was one of the reasons why I started “My English Webmarks” almost two month ago. And because of the same reason today I begin one more rubric: Interview with English learners!

I think it will be interesting for you to know how other people learn English. And of course, you also can tell us about your own way of learning.

And our first guest is Artem from Russia!

Name: Artem
Age: 24
Native language: russian
English level: intermediate

Animal life Hello, Artem! Could you tell us a little about yourself?

Hello, Anna. I'm 24 and I'm living mostly in Moscow since the birth. I have the mathematics education and during last 4 years I have been working in various software development companies. Now I'm feeling the need of big changes :) So I'm going to start working as a freelance and combine it with travelling. A adore travelling.

So, Artem, here is a three standard questions:

Why are you learning English language?

Because it's interesting (standard answer :) In fact, I think it is very good way to:
- get wider mental outlook
- achieve possibility of communicating with people all over the world
- get an access to a huge information resources of the internet
- of course for my future job that require it
- and many more reasons that are not so important

How long are you learning English?

Since the primary school. I was studying in english-oriented class. But it wasn't very effective because it was still school :) and my practice was not regular. Then (when I was 22), I was travelling in India and Nepal for one year and it was the real practice.

How are you learning English? Do you have some favorite methods that you use?

Yes, I have the one fundamental method. Always do only those things and lessons that you really enjoy. Ask yourself which book you want to read in russian and try to read it in english. Which computer game you want to play and play it in english. Films, newspapers, chats themes and so on. And do it regular.

Some more questions:

You told me, you are traveling now. Where are you at this time? Is traveling your permanent style of life? Or maybe you just have a little trip?

Now I'm travelling in Moscow :) But this august I'm going to start a long trip to India and Southeastern Asia. I hope travelling would be my lifestyle in future.

I know you have a blog about animals. Why animals?

I think animals is an amazing part of our planet. And we must remember about it. That’s why my first blog is about animals.

Have you ever seen wild animals in the nature?

Yes. I've seen wild animals when I've had a trip around Nepal Himalaya and when I've visited Indian sanctuaries. It was deer, yaks, monkeys, elephants, crocodiles, various birds and others.

Thank you, Artem :)

Thank you too :)

It’s all for today, but I need your comments. What do you think about new rubric? Thanks in advance!

6 коммент.:

  1. Thank you! I hope you enjoyed:)

  2. Hi Anna, hello Artem!

    Since you came up with the idea to open this new section I thought it'd be helpful to us, English learners to get to know how people around the world are trying to develop their skills regarding to that.

    Nice to know about Artem's interest on wild life. And I do agree with these hints, to do what pleases us in English, putting aside our genuine language.

    I hope this section keeps growing. Greetings, Anna!

    Cuddles from Brazil!

  3. Flavio, thanks a lot for your opinion about interview:) Do you want to be next?

  4. Hi Anna,

    I also think it’s interesting to read interviews with some people learning English as second language. I want to know especially about persons who aren’t students, but working people.

  5. OK, PsychoCat, I'll take into account your wishes:)