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Monday, August 17, 2009

Interview with English learners №5: “Everyone, let’s be happy!”

Hello my dear readers! Today we have new guest at My English Webmarks! Meet Pierre - English learner and good father from Japan:)

Name: Pierre
Age: 38
Native language: Japanese
English level: intermediate

My English Webmarks: Interview with English learners №5Hello, Pierre! Could you please tell a little about yourself?

It is a little embarrassing to say this, I teach English to Japanese high school students at “juku” or a kind of school where they study for university entrance examination. I enjoy English rather than study. I would be happy if they also enjoy it. I also like listening to music such as rock, jazz and funk, etc.

Wow! Who would’we thought? You are not only English learner, but also English teacher:)
OK! Here are three standard questions for you:

Why are you learning English language?

The initial interest in the sound of English language turned later into that in English as a means for communication. Communication is, I believe, one of the most important elements to make people happy. (music is also among them.) It is most widely used, though Chinese in number, in the world. Besides, another element is, I would think, to get proper information. Now, there is much information, whether right or wrong, or useful or useless, out there on the Internet. if properly used, it could help us turn to better. Everyone, let’s be happy.

How long are you learning English?

It was at the age of 11, in elementary school, that I got interested in English language. My cousin had me listen to UK rock music. But I began to learn it after graduating from university. ― about 15 years.

How are you learning English?

I try to use every means I can.
Reading: read newspapers every day, browse English language web sites, and solve university entrance examinations.

Listening: listen to English programs on podcast. My favorites are Medical Minute and Science Update. You can study with ipod almost anywhere at any time. Of course, I like listening to music.

Writing: keep my diary, write my blog, and post on twitter, where you can encounter various English expression.

Speaking: read aloud English materials above. I need more conversation.

Some more questions:

I know you are the father of two beautiful daughters. Please, tell us about your family.

We are a family of four ― Besides me, two daughters and my wife. Let me tell you about the kids this time. Hiyo, the our first girl, who began attending kindergarten in April this year. She likes playing outside and often comes back, covered in mud. Coco, the second girl, goes her own way. She plays, cries and, sleeps whenever she wants to. Her favorites are vegetables such as green pepper, broccoli, and tomato, which many children probably don't like.

What is it like to be a father? Is your life change strongly after your daughters’ birth?

I have been enjoying myself since I became a father, four years ago. Though I am usually their father, I sometimes feel, when playing them, as if I was their brother or friend. I’m sorry I have bad little time with them recently due to my work hours.

Children always fall into curious situations. Do you have funny stories concerned with your little daughters?

I hear from Hiyo she has a lot of boyfriends in the kindergarten. How many boys has asked her to marry them? I’m too worried to sleep.

Thank you, Pierre:) I wish you and your family good luck:)

Don't forget to leave your comments:) Practice your writing skills!

2 коммент.:

  1. Hello!
    Teaching is the best way for learning, I think. So I envy you because you can spend many time for learning English.

  2. By the way, it may have sence. One of my friend is english teacher. She teaches little kids. She told me it's a good motivation for her to improve english skills.