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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Increase your English vocabulary! Third day

Hello everyone! Today is the perfect summer day and I want to remind you of this week theme: great resources for increasing your English vocabulary!

You know, the Internet is full of wonderful web-sites for ESL learners and it is very hard for me to decide what I should tell in the first place. You already know about two podcasts which every day deliver a new word with explanation: Just Vocabulary and The Word of the Day.

And today I want to tell you about the third one: Podictionary – the podcast for word lovers:)

Every day Charles Hodgson, host of Podictionary, with his gentle and soft voice, tell us new short story about the history of a common word. There are nearly one thousand words in podictionary’s archives. You can really enjoy this way of learning words!

So make a cup of hot tea or coffee or something else, relax and just listen example of Podictionary’s short story:

If you like this podcast, go to Podictionary’s web-site for more words. Don’t forget to come back to My English Webmarks tomorrow for another great resource for increasing your vocabulary!

If you don’t want to miss something interesting and useful, I recommend you to subscribe to My English Webmarks’ feed that is, if you have not already done so! By the way, leave a comment on this post. Your opinion is very important for me! And practicing writing skills is very important for you:)

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