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Friday, June 5, 2009

How to acquire and improve your English skills?

As we know English skills include: reading, listening, writing and speaking. I think all of us want to learn English thoroughly. Therefore we need to work with each of four elements. How can we improve our skills? Of course, with the help of the Internet! The Internet gives a lot of opportunities for us.

How can we acquire and improve our reading skills?

It is simple! We all learn to read by reading! Just read everything: newspapers, magazines, books, blogs, etc. Find something what would be interesting for you. Do you like cars? OK, read information about cars. Is your hobby a fine needle-work? So, read magazines about your hobby in English! Try to find at least 30 minutes per day for reading.

How can we acquire and improve our listening skills?

Of course by listening English speech! Listen to music, radio, podcasts, recorded speeches every day. Don’t forget about TV! Watching TV is a good way to hear English in real conversations. You can also watch your favorite movies and tv-shows.

How can we acquire and improve our writing skills?

The best way for improving our writing skills is corresponding with another English learners or native speakers. The second one is preferably. There is a lot of sites in the Internet for people who want to find new friends. We need to use the opportunity. Americans are people too. They have need for friendship too.
And some more, improve your writing skills by leaving a comment under this article:)

How can we acquire and improve our speaking skills?

Only by speaking! Who would have thought? Actually, you can also read English books out loud. It would be helpful for training your facial muscles. Your mouth have to get into the habit of speaking English. By the way, you can use Skype or another communicative program for contact with your foreign friends.

Of course, we all are different. And everyone has his own way for learning English. But in this day and age the Internet really gives a lot of opportunities for us. In my blog I am going to post reviews of the most interesting on-line resources for English learners.

Could you please tell me about your way of learning English?

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P.S. I have to remind you I am also only on my way for learning English. And so I hope you forgive me all my writing mistakes!

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  1. good post! I am also on my way to perfect English, even though native speakers can't know it perfectly))

  2. O! Thank you! By the way, I visited your blog. What can I say, it is looks like your English is more perfect than mine. So it is a good reason for me to continue go ahead:)

  3. Thanks for sharing this piece of information. It is really useful.