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Sunday, June 7, 2009 thanks a million Dr. Lucy and Dr. Jeff for your great work!

ESLpod.comAs I promised last time, I begin to familiarize you with my favorite podcasts. And the first podcast I want to tell about is Actually, it was the first podcast show I’ve heard. And it was the first time I understood: learning English have to be interesting! After that (and until now) I guess ESLpod is one of the best educational podcast.

There are nearly 700 podcasts on the at the moment. Its broach a lot of topics like: business, daily life, entertainment, travel, transportation, dining, relationships, health/medicine, shopping, etc. And all its podcats are free!

Every lesson include tree parts. The first one is a slow speed dialog, which use everyday phrases and expressions. The second one is an explanation. The third one is a fast speed dialog (usual speed of native speakers).

The team that records the ESL podcasts consists of:

Dr. Lucy Tse. She writes scripts and plots for every podcasts, and also records many of the dialogs and stories. Dr. Tse was a professor of applied linguistics and education at Loyola Marymount University, Arizona State University, and California State University, Los Angeles before.

Dr. Jeff McQuillan. He is the host for the podcast. And he also helps read the scripts and provides explanations for them. By the way, Dr. McQuillan was a professor of applied linguistics at California State University, Fullerton, and Arizona State University.

Their method of feed is simple and understandable, but totally effective. And I am not only who think so.

These are a few of the emails they have received from their listeners all over the world:


Thanks for the ESL podcast. It was a great help! I listened to it about two years ago, and got 650(PBT) on my TOEFL. Now I’m at UCSB, getting my master’s degree.

Thank you!

Liu (from China)”

“Dear ESLPOD family,
Dear Prof. Jeff McQuillan,

I’m one of the millions from all over the world, who’re enhancing their English proficiency with your podcasts. Thanks for your efforts.

Thanks beforehand,
Rufat (from Azerbaijan)”


I have been listening to your podcasts since August 2006. My English really improved ever since: last year my marks were around 13 out of 20, this year it’s around 16.?And I just got my results for the TOEIC exam: 890 out of 990 ! I guess I would never have such a score without listening to ESLPOD.

Thanks again for your work !
Henry (from France)”

“Thanks, Jeff and Lucy.

This is the first time in 30 years that I enjoy learning English. I am hooked by Eslpod. I need it, and I think 3 episodes a week is not enough!!!! I recommend your web to everybody!!! People at work think I am crazy, and it’s true, but I say that Jeff is to blame.

Juan (from Granada)”

You can read more here

And now I also have a chance to say thanks a million Dr. Lucy and Dr. Jeff for your great work!

You’ll learn lots from it. Just try! Go to, listen to the podcasts! It would be great if you leave a comment about your experiment under this post. So feel free for comments and don't forget to subscribe to my feed that is, if you have not already done so!

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