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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dad, are you the tooth fairy?

Dad, are you the tooth fairy? by Jason Alexander
Hello everyone! Throughout the Father’s day theme I want to tell you about the story I listened recently at Storylineonline – the program providing by the screen actors’ guild. It is a great website with a lot of digital videos of professional actors reading children’s books.

Actually I like listen and reading books for children in English. I think it is much more interesting than graded reader. The literary language of children’s book is easy but more alive than in textbook for ESL learners. And if you are like me, you’ll appreciate the Storylineonline at its true value:)

So the story I want to tell you about is titled “Dad, are you the tooth fairy?” The story was written and read by Jason Alexander, the actor and writer. He has two children, who were the inspiration for this story.

“Dad, are you the tooth fairy?” is about little boy named Gaby and his father. One day Gaby overhears from older kids: there are no tooth fairies and another magical creature in our world! And he goes to his father to find out the truth. As for me, his father’s answer is very wise. If you have your own kids, you must read this book with them!

You can listen “Dad, are you the tooth fairy?” and another great stories at Storylineonline for free or you can buy "Dad, Are You The Tooth Fairy?" at

By the way, in Russia we have no “Tooth fairy” tradition. What about your country? I am waiting for your comments!

7 коммент.:

  1. Hi Mrs. Anna! Thank you for that info. I haven't married and a child, but I like child's worlds. I'm now learning English on my blog. Please visit mine and tell me when you see some mistakes in my words, I'll deeply appreciate your help to that lessons


  2. Hi Anna,
    I am Thai blogging, My Enlish is not so good, but i like to try learning and writing that improve my skills.

  3. This website is very useful. I can improve my listening skill.Thanks for ur post.^^.

  4. Thank you for your comment:)

  5. This sounds very interesting, Anna. Thanks for sharing this. I like reading children stories and books, too. They're very simple and quite fun to read because of the descriptive words, plus the cute illustrations. My son would love this book as his teeth are starting to develop and I'm noticing that the whitening of some of his teeth is starting to fade. I hope to find a copy of the book when we take a stroll in downtown Los Angeles. Thanks!